American Marketing Association CEO to present “The State and Future of Marketing” at Excelsior College

On Thursday, June 8, CEO of the American Marketing Association (AMA), Russ Klein, will be coming to Excelsior College to give a presentation on, ‘The State and Future of Marketing’. This free event is part of the School of Business and Technology’s regular Speaker Series and it is also being co-hosted with the local AMA New York/Capital Region chapter.

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Klein’s Worldview: The State and Future of Marketing

Klein will provide his worldview of how marketing and the marketer have changed in a network-driven world. He will share his easy to remember formula for what constitutes a “modern brand” and posit several provocative challenges to concepts marketers once used as irrefutable frameworks (such as the 4Ps) that are fast becoming either obsolete or radically transformed. His commentary will spur you to think differently about your role as a marketer and the way that you view marketing in the Digital Age. Lastly, Klein will share his answer to the question, “Who will win the epic battle between technology and humankind?”

Klein’s Career: An Award-Winning Marketer

Russ Klein has led marketing teams for many of the world’s foremost brand names—holding top marketing posts at Dr. Pepper/7UP Companies, 7-Eleven Corporation, Burger King Corporation, Church’s Chicken, and Arby’s Restaurant Group.  He has been named on “top marketer” lists spanning three decades, including his Burger King body of work that was recognized by ADWEEK as “The Advertiser of the Decade” for the 2000’s. He was also responsible for the most highly recalled advertising campaign ever measured by Nielsen’s IAG Research; “Whopper Freakout”.

A Pioneer of Digital Marketing

Russ was a leader in ushering in the age of digital marketing with the microsite “Subservient Chicken” that was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as the “Digital Ad of the Decade” for the 2000’s; and a groundbreaking partnership with Microsoft’s Xbox creating a suite of games featuring BK advertising icons that became the second best-selling suite of games in Xbox history.

As CEO for the American Marketing Association, he is charged with the transformation of the AMA to become the definitive force and voice shaping marketing best and next practices worldwide. Klein was once nicknamed “Flamethrower” by an industry publication for his managerial boldness and provocative advertising, but he now aspires to be the torch bearer for all marketers.

Highlighting Excelsior’s Marketing Programs

Commenting upon the forthcoming talk, Faculty Program Director for Marketing and local AMA board member, Will Trevor, commented, “this will be an amazing opportunity for Excelsior students, faculty, and staff, to hear first-hand from an inspiring speaker and someone who has been at the forefront of the marketing industry here in the USA for many years. It shows Excelsior’s commitment to the career-readiness of our programs and it is also timely that we are hosting a visit by this digital marketing pioneer, just as we get ready to launch our new course on digital marketing as part of the Bachelor’s degree program in Fall 1.”

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