Are you taking breaks or are you breaking?

Did you know that the brain experiences fatigue after 60 minutes of uninterrupted study and taking a periodic 10-minute break from studying can improve your concentration and retention?

But what happens if you’re doing well and you don’t want to take a break? Then you’re going to break down! Keeping your focus on one thing for an extended period eats up more energy than you may think. Once your attention window has closed, you are creating more harm than good.  Retention of what you have been studying can suffer.

Here’s a helpful tip to keep you on track for much needed breaks. Set a timer on your phone or an old fashioned egg timer. Give yourself 60 minutes to study. Once the timer gBreak booksoes off, reset the timer for 10 minutes. Allow yourself time away from the material that you’re studying. Get up, move around. If you’ve been studying on the computer, read a book- anything to help change focus for those 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes have run out, back to studying and setting the timer for another 60 minutes.

Don’t limit yourself. If the 60/10 schedule isn’t working for you, then create a schedule that will. Possibly 90/15 will work better for you. Whatever you choose, make sure that you’re staying on track and are being successful at it.

As a Student Success Coach I am always interested in learning more about student’s study techniques. If you have techniques that have worked for you, please share!

Best of luck studying!