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Ethan Sprissler is the Faculty Program Director of both the Information Technology and the CAE designated Cybersecurity undergraduate programs at Excelsior College, a lecturer in the Information Systems and Business Analytics program in the University at Albany School of Business, and a PhD candidate in the University at Albany Informatics program. In his spare time, he likes to catch up on sleep. In addition to his current studies, he also has earned a MA in Philosophy of Religion from Boston University, and a MS of Information Science from the University at Albany. His research interests include encryption, game theory, decision theory, machine learning, and higher education. He can be found running between workplaces if you need him.
computer chip

Quantum computing is the term used to encompass the massive change underway in both computer hardware and digital computation. The basis for this revolution in computation is in the way in which information is processed by the hardware. While still in its infancy, quantum computing is poised to fundamentally change the way in which we …