Business Advisor Recommends Free Tutoring

Business courses can be difficult, especially in the areas of accounting, finance, economics, and statistics. As a Business Advisor at Excelsior College, I often see students struggling in such topic areas, unaware that they are entitled to our free online 24-hour tutoring service, known as Smarthinking. Through the Smarthinking resource, enrolled students can request and receive help from specialized tutors in topics ranging from accounting, finance, economics, and statistics, to writing, mathematics, and biology.  Students simply need to login to their MyExcelsior Account, select the Resources tab from the top of the page, locate the Smarthinking link, and create an account to use the service. Then students are able to:

  • submit papers or writing samples of all subjects to the Writing Center,
  • send in topic questions and receive a response from a librarian or tutor within 48 hours,
  • schedule a 30 minute tutoring period with a specialized tutor,

Smarthinking is an excellent resource to help students through their academic programs. So the next time you find yourself having trouble understanding a course concept, check out Smarthinking. You might find all the help you need is just a mouse click away. Learn more and register now!