Carrie B. Lenburg and the Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination

The first Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination, known as the CPNE, was administered during the five-week period beginning December 10, 1974, with the outcome of 42 students becoming the first graduates of the associate degree in nursing program. Carrie B. Lenburg, shown here affixing a nursing pin to a happy graduate, was coordinator of the Regents External Degrees in nursing program from 1974–1991, during which she had a lead role in developing and organizing the Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination.

Today, alumni can apply for the Carrie B. Lenburg Award, which is presented annually to a graduate who echoes the vision and accomplishments of the former nursing program coordinator. The recipient is a nurse who demonstrates a commitment to nursing education as well as academic and professional accomplishments in the field of nursing. The award is given along with other alumni awards during the Awards Convocation held the evening before Commencement.  –J.K.

This photo was originally published in “Regents College / The Early Years” (The Donning Company Publishers: 1998).