Course Feature: BUS 501 Business Communications

BUS 501 Business Communications focuses on the development of clear written communication and oral presentation skills. Students examine a variety of communication techniques, formats, and processes for sharing organizational information, and they explore the use of audiovisual and electronic media to enhance the quality of presentation and communication.

According to eztalks, an online video conferencing provider, effective business communication is important in a business organization because it promotes good relationships between employers and staff members, which increases productivity and a company’s bottom line. Increased productivity can lead to a larger customer base, improved business partnerships, and new business innovations.

These kinds of ideas are discussed in BUS 501, which is a beneficial course to any student seeking to improve their business communication skills. The course looks at the communication process as a whole and how people can improve it. Faculty instructor Jan Tucker says the course is important since new technologies are constantly being introduced, we need to be updated and involved in whatever can make the communication process better. “By the end of the course, students should understand the principles of business communication, what makes for effective communication in the workplace, and how to improve the business communication process,” she says.

A group project in the course requires students to create a business presentation using one of the technology tools introduced. Tucker says, “Students enjoy applying the technology tools and often comment on how this exercise has helped them when preparing presentations in their place of work.” She adds that the course is applicable to almost everyone and that, “I always learn something new when I teach this class as students share their communication tips and tools.”

If you are interested in learning about effective business communication, consider signing up for BUS 501 for next semester.