Passover, also known as Pesach in Hebrew, celebrates the Jewish people’s freedom from slavery in Egypt. It is considered one of the most holy holidays in Judaism.

Passover is often celebrated for eight days (seven in Israel), and the celebration is prescribed in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament. The themes incorporated into the celebration are springtime, a Jewish homeland, remembrance of Jewish history, social justice, and freedom- including recognizing those still oppressed today. The Passover meal, known as a Seder, includes reading from the “Haggadah,” drinking 4 cups of wine, substituting matzah for bread, storytelling, eating particular foods, singing, and other Passover traditions. A Haggadah is a book that tells the story of Passover. In 2023, Passover is celebrated from sundown on April 5 through sundown on April 13.

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