The Power of Music

When you need that motivation to get you through anything in life, what do you turn to? As Student Success Coaches, we talk to students who use music to motivate, inspire and drive them to their goals. Quite frankly we love music as well!

On any given day at the Student Success Center you will hear anything from Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” to Beyonce’s “Survivor”. These lyrics get us pumped up to conquer our goals that we have sought out to achieve. Sometimes it may not get accomplished so quickly due to random dancing….which we encourage….but it gets done none the less.

As Student Success Coaches we challenge you to pick that one song that SPEAKS TO YOU! It may be that driving force that pushes/nudges you that one step further. The odds may seem insurmountable, but it’s not impossible. Take small steps forward and you will get there.

p.s. Really….. go play YOUR SONG!

Your Coaches,

Raven Short Student Success Coach Student Success Center
Raven Short
Student Success Coach
Student Success Center