There’s An App For That: Wunderlist

Hello! It’s Kelli and Hannah your Student Success Coaches again with another monthly app! We went ahead and scoured the worldwide web to find the most helpful apps for your needs.  This month we are going to be featuring an app that helps with organization.  As Success Coaches we talk to students daily that are balancing many commitments at once.  Why not try an app that can assist with this?

Why download the Wunderlist App?

At its core the Wunderlist app is a place to keep all your commitments in one place. We want to highlight the most helpful feature of the app for our students.  We found this app beneficial for balancing many commitments, specifically when it comes to managing your school work.  This is done by creating to do lists with sub tasks (making your tasks feel more manageable!).

This is how the app works:

Keep all your school assignments in one place by creating a list of tasks specifically for school. Once the list is created you can go in and add “to-dos”.  Furthermore, you can break those “to-dos” into sub tasks and check them off as you complete them.  What a feel good moment as you a see a big assignment broken up into manageable tasks.  We also found that you can share the list you have made with other people – which is perfect for group assignments!  There are many other great features in this app.  Go ahead and download and see what Wunderlist can do for you.