English Composition

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Extended Response
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6.0 / Lower

The UExcel English Composition examination is based on material typically taught in an introductory, six-credit, two-semester undergraduate course in English Composition, such as English Literature and Composition, Writing Academic English, or Writing English for Academic Purposes. The examination measures the ability to persuade a reader; to understand and compose an extended argument; to analyze and respond appropriately to written texts including literary texts; to use and document sources; and to recognize and write about revision and editing processes. In general, the examination measures the ability to organize knowledge, ideas, and information; to use rhetorical strategies such as narration, illustration, explanation, description, comparison and contrast, division, classification, and cause and effect in appropriate ways; to choose a tone and point of view appropriate for a specified rhetorical situation; to develop and maintain a controlling idea and a coherent organization; to write within the rhetorical, syntactic, and mechanical conventions of Standard Written American English; and the ability to apply style according to the Modern Language Association (MLA). The examination requires advanced knowledge of literary analysis, either prior to taking the exam or as part of preparing for it. (A course guide can be obtained from the Excelsior College Bookstore as part of the guided learning package. Extended response examination.) Three (3) credits from ENGX111 exam duplicates the ENG*101: English Composition course or the ENGX101 exam. (Extended-response exam)

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PRACTICE EXAM NOTE: There is no corresponding practice exam for the UExcel English Composition exam. However, there are essays you can use for practice in the Course Guide and in the textbooks.

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