Transfer Your UExcel® Credits

Even though UExcel exams are no longer being offered, you can apply UExcel credits to a degree program at Excelsior or transfer them to another school. Excelsior and hundreds of other colleges and universities recognize the value of UExcel exams as an efficient and affordable way to provide credit, waive requirements, or determine student placement.

Ask your academic advisor how UExcel may fit into your degree completion plan. Colleges are not required to grant the full amount of credit that Excelsior University grants for each exam.

If your school doesn’t currently accept UExcel exam credit, ask them to email for more information.


First, find out if your college accepts credit for UExcel exams. If it does, ask the admissions office how to submit your UExcel transcripts for credit transfer.

You can request your exam transcripts in MyExcelsior.  Your signed authorization is required with all other transcript requests, which may be submitted by mail, fax, or scanned email attachment.

If you have any additional questions about transferring your credits earned by exam, contact Excelsior by using one of the options below.