UExcel® Credit By Exam

Excelsior University will no longer offer UExcel exams after the Summer 2022 trimester. If you are interested in taking a UExcel exam(s), the deadline for registration is Thursday, June 30. The last day to take a UExcel exam is Sunday, August 21.

When you’re looking for extra flexibility, UExcel exams are an alternative to traditional coursework and let you earn credit on your own schedule using online proctoring.

You don’t have to enroll in a degree program to take UExcel exams, and you can earn credit for exams in business, liberal arts, science, technology, and more.

Save time and money with credit by exam

UExcel exams cost significantly less than tuition for equivalent course credits. Motivated students who set and stay on track with their study goals can save thousands of dollars by taking UExcel exams—compare $110 for one 3-credit exam with the average $900 in-state tuition for one 3-credit course.

Also, since you can schedule UExcel exams as soon as you’re ready, you may be able to earn some of your credits sooner by exam than by coursework. If you’re already familiar with a subject, you may only need a few weeks to refresh or round out your knowledge before scheduling your test.

About Online Proctoring

Nearly all of the exams Excelsior University accepts for credit are available with convenient, secure online proctoring which means you can earn credit when it’s convenient for you, rather than having to schedule your test at an in-person testing center.*

*Certain restrictions apply; see https://home.pearsonvue.com/uexcel/onvue for system requirements

Computers must be desktop or laptop computers with a recent operating system (no mobile devices). You must have administrative privileges on the computer, so we recommend not using work computers.

See https://home.pearsonvue.com/uexcel/onvue for more information.

ID requirements are similar to the requirements for test-center proctoring. Drivers’ licenses are the most common type. Note that the ID is photographed, so certain Federal Government staff IDs cannot be used.
No. You must remain within view of the webcam during the entire online proctoring session, and food is not allowed, although you may have a beverage container.
You will receive a grade report on your screen at the end of the exam, which you may print if you like.
Almost all UExcel exams are available via home proctoring: the four exceptions are Spanish Language, Introduction to Music, English Composition, and College Writing.
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