UExcel® Credit By Exam

When you’re looking for extra flexibility, UExcel exams let you earn credit by exam rather than by taking a course that requires you to complete assignments and take multiple tests on a schedule.

You don’t have to enroll in a degree program to take UExcel exams, and you can earn credit for exams in business, liberal arts, science, technology, and more.
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Save time and money with credit by exam

UExcel exams cost significantly less than tuition for equivalent course credits. Motivated students who set and stay on track with their study goals can save thousands of dollars by taking UExcel exams—compare $110 for one 3-credit exam with the average $900 in-state tuition for one 3-credit course.

Also, since you can schedule UExcel exams as soon as you’re ready, you may be able to earn some of your credits sooner by exam than by coursework. If you’re already familiar with a subject, you may only need a few weeks to refresh or round out your knowledge before scheduling your test.

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