Air Force GEM Program at Excelsior University

GEM logoComplete Your CCAF General Education Requirements using the Air Force GEM Program at Excelsior University.

Through this program we can help you complete up to 15 credits toward the general education requirements of your CCAF degree.

There are five general education areas required by CCAF: oral communication, written communication, mathematics, social science, and humanities.

Let Excelsior complete a thorough evaluation of your CCAF credits toward the degree of your choice, or a ‘best fit’ degree that our military advisors suggest for you.  Just email your unofficial CCAF and other college transcripts to  We have liberal transfer policies and low residency credit requirements designed to accept 100% of your CCAF program credits.

GEM Approved Excelsior Courses

*These courses do not require a book purchase.

Oral Communications

*COMM 125 – Public Speaking (8 week)

Written Communications

*ENG 101A – Advanced English Composition (8 week)


MAT 101 – Mathematics for Everyday Life (8 week or 15 week)
MAT 105 – Essential Algebra and Statistics (8 week)
MAT 114 – Intermediate Algebra (8 week)
MAT 116 – Precalculus Algebra (8 week)
MAT 118 – Trigonometry (8 week)
MAT 201 – Statistics (8 week)

Social Science

ECO 262 – Introduction to Macroeconomics (8 week)
HIS 101 – Unites States History I (8 week)
HIS 102 – Unites States History II (8 week)
HIS 290 – Pirates on the High Seas (8 week)
MIL 230 – U.S. Military History (8 week)
PSY 101 – Introduction to Psychology (8 week)
PSY 280 – Abnormal Psychology (8 week)
SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology (8 week)
SOC 201 – Family (8 week)
*SOC 247 – Sports in American Society (8 week)


ART 101 – History of Western Art: Ancient Through the 14th Century (8 week)
ART 102 – History of Western Art Since the 15th Century (8 week)
HUM 252 – Mythology (8 week)
MUS 210 – History of Rock and Roll I (8 week)
REL 200 – World Religions (8 week)

Enroll in the GEM Program at Excelsior University

STEP 1: Log into the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC), create a CCAF AAS education goal and select Excelsior University as your GEM School.  If a GEM School was not selected when creating your initial CCAF education goal, during the Air Force Tuition Assistance application process you may complete this step and when prompted add Excelsior University as your GEM School.

STEP 2: Create a MyExcelsior account at

STEP 3: Register for Excelsior University GEM-approved courses from the list above by visiting our online course catalog.

STEP 4. Apply and submit Tuition Assistance forms through your AFVEC account.

STEP 5.  Order applicable textbooks and/or course material from Excelsior’s bookstore.

Useful Links

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