Excelsior College Transcripts

Statement of Policy

Types of Transcripts

Excelsior College issues two types of transcripts:

  • Official Excelsior College transcript
    • The official transcript contains an official seal and signature of the Registrar
    • Credits listed on the official transcript remain on the transcript permanently
  • Student copy of the Excelsior College transcript
    • The student copy does not contain either the seal or signature of the Registrar
    • It is annotated to reflect that it is a student copy

Both types contain the following information: student name, address, Excelsior College student identification number and the last four digits of the U.S. Social Security Number, day and month of birth date, most recent degree program, most recent degree program major or concentration (if applicable), date of most recent enrollment, date of degree conferral(s) (for graduates only), sources of credit, amount of credit awarded, grades, Excelsior College GPA, overall GPA and academic honors (if applicable – Excelsior College transcripts for Associate in Science nursing students will include only the Overall GPA).

Official Excelsior College transcripts will remain permanently on file in the student’s Student Information System (SIS) record. Only one Excelsior College transcript will be maintained for each student. All individuals who have earned credit toward a Excelsior College degree or who have established a OneTranscript® (formerly known as Credit Bank) record may request that official transcripts be forwarded to themselves or third parties or may request student copies. No transcripts can be sent without the written authorization and signature of the student.

Requesting Transcripts

If requested, official transcripts can be issued directly to students. In this instance, Excelsior College will issue the student an appropriately annotated official transcript in a sealed envelope.

Students who wish to obtain a transcript for their own records or personal use should request a student copy of the transcript.

There is a fee for issuing a transcript.

Transcripts are normally mailed within five business days of receipt of a student’s request. Since there may be an additional delay at peak times, students should plan ahead and submit their requests as soon as possible. If students need to have their transcripts sent sooner, they may request Rush Service. Although there is an additional fee, Rush Service will guarantee that the transcript will be mailed within three business days from receipt of the transcript request and payment. This does not include the number of days needed for delivery by the United States Postal Service.

The Rush Service guarantee is in effect only if an evaluation is up-to-date and completed, the request form is properly completed, and full payment of the Transcript and Transcript Rush Fee is received with the student’s request. The transcript is mailed via U.S. Postal Service First Class Mail.

Excelsior College reserves the right to place a financial hold on transcripts of students who have not met their financial obligation to the College.