Official Transcript and Transcript Request

Official Transcript and Transcript Request

An official transcript is a copy of a student’s academic record. The body of the student’s official transcript reflects credits applied to the degree which are approved by the Board of Trustees at degree conferral. Official transcripts remain permanently on record. One Excelsior University transcript will be maintained for each student and credits listed on the official transcript will remain on the transcript permanently. Individuals who have earned credit toward an academic program, taken an Excelsior course, a UExcel exam, or who have established a OneTranscript® record or participated in the NCCRS Transcript Service may request an official transcript.


Official Excelsior University Transcript

Students may request their official Excelsior transcript for a fee at Transcripts are released in compliance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 with the condition that no third party may be given access to this information without the written consent of the student.

Excelsior transcripts contain the following information: student name, address, Excelsior student identification number, the last four digits of the U.S. Social Security Number, day and month of birth date, most recent degree program, most recent degree program major or concentration (if applicable), date of most recent enrollment, date of degree conferral(s) (for graduates only), sources of credit, amount of credit awarded, grades, Excelsior GPA, overall GPA, and academic honors. If applicable, transcripts for Associate in Science nursing students will include only the Overall GPA. A standard score is provided for Excelsior exams taken prior to Fall 1999.

The following rules apply to the Excelsior University Transcript:

  1. Initial Evaluation of Credit: Students have 30 calendar days from the completion of the official initial evaluation to request that transfer course work be removed from applying to their current degree program. After the 30 calendar days, transfer credit applied to a student’s degree program can no longer be removed. Once credits are awarded, they cannot be removed from the Excelsior transcript, including if a student re-enrolls for additional degrees. If the student agrees with the official evaluation and does not wish to make changes, no further action is required.
  2. Excelsior Sources of Credit: Excelsior University sources of credit must be listed on the transcript and cannot be removed.
  3. More than one Excelsior Degree: Sources of credit are listed once unless there is a change in credit allocation in which case the source of credit is listed again with the new credit allocation.
  4. Transfer Credit: The name of the source accepting the credit in transfer is identified, followed by the term Transfer Credit and the name of the source from where the credit was transferred (i.e., Hudson Valley Community College, Transfer Credit: Monroe Community College).
  5. Degree Conferral: Once a degree is conferred, the statement degree awarded, name of degree, and date of conferral is listed after the last entry of credit used for degree completion.
  6. Modifying the Transcript Post Conferral: Credits applied toward the Excelsior degree are listed in the body of the transcript. After degree conferral, additional credits submitted may not be used to replace credits used to complete degree requirements, nor can additional degree components, such as a concentration or major, be added. Degree program GPAs cannot be adjusted post-conferral.
  7. Nursing Degrees: Nursing degree transcripts include degree requirements completed date and anticipated conferral date if a request is received for a transcript at the time the student is in a Specialist Approved status. This information is listed after the last entry of credit used for degree completion and is not removed from the transcript. At conferral, the degree awarded statement is listed after the above information.
  8. Nursing Requirement Waiver: Course work used to waive nursing requirements are listed the same way other sources of credit are included on the transcript but preceded by an *. Listed to the right of the source of credit is the requirement being waived preceded by an * and followed by the credit allocation for the requirement waived. If the course work is listed more than once, the first entry receives the credit allocation, which is the amount of credit that would be awarded for completing and passing the requirement. The additional entries list the credit as 0. The end of the transcript includes the * and the statement Requirement Waived by Course Work to indicate a waiver.