Language Proficiency

Language Proficiency

At Excelsior University, all instruction and assessments are in English. Therefore, to be successful, all international undergraduate and graduate students must meet the University’s English language proficiency requirement prior to being admitted (ADM) in Excelsior’s academic programs.

An international student at Excelsior is defined as an individual from a country other than the United States who is not a U.S. citizen or indicates English is not their native language (on application).


  • TOEFL score of 79 and greater with a minimum of 15 on each section
  • IELTS score of 6.5 and greater with a minimum of 5.5 on each section
  • PTE score of 58 or greater
  • Duolingo score of 105 or higher


Test scores are to be sent directly to Excelsior University, Office of the Registrar. Students must provide Excelsior University’s name and full address at the time of taking the test.

Scores submitted to Excelsior have a validity period of two years. Scores that are older than two years at the time of application will not be accepted.

Exemptions of Procedure

The following exemptions exist for students that can provide one of the following for the English language proficiency requirement:

  • Proof of US citizenship as demonstrated by an approved government-issued document.
  • Submission of an official transcript providing proof of a full academic year of high school in the US with passing grade in one year of standard English submitted to (not including ESL or developmental coursework)
  • Submission of an official transcript providing proof of a full year of postsecondary education in the US with a minimum of 24 transferrable semester hours or equivalent taught in English submitted to The Office of the Registrar (not including ESL or developmental coursework)
  • Applicants may be considered for an English proficiency test waiver on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the provost.

What Happens If the International Student Has Insufficient Proof of English Language Proficiency?

If the international student applicant cannot demonstrate proof of English language proficiency, they will be denied admission to the University. The applicant will be advised to improve their English language proficiency and encouraged to reapply later when their command of the English language can be demonstrated.