OneTranscript® Policy

OneTranscript® Policy

Statement of Policy

OneTranscript® is a service for non- enrolled students who want to consolidate their academic records for employment or educational purposes onto a single master transcript. OneTranscript® will list college-level credits normally applied towards an Excelsior University degree such as: credits from an approved college or university; military, business and industry education and training evaluated and recommended for academic credit by the American Council on Education (ACE), the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS), and Excelsior University's Prior Learning Assessment Office; Excelsior University courses and examinations; and credits appearing on international credentials evaluated by an Excelsior University-approved agency. Once credits are posted to the official transcript, they cannot be removed.


Who is Eligible to Pursue the OneTranscript® service?

  • Non-enrolled individuals, Admitted Students (ADM), Admitted Withdrawn Students (ADMW), Admitted Expired Students (ADME) and Withdrawn Students are eligible to pursue the OneTranscript® service.

Who is Not Eligible to Pursue the OneTranscript® service?

  • Enrolled student and Excelsior graduates are not eligible to purse the OneTranscript® service. Enrolled students and Excelsior graduates have the option to request the addition of non-Excelsior University college-level credit to the non-applicable section of the official Excelsior University transcript per policy 138 Posting Credits to the Official Transcript.

What is Listed on the Transcript?

College-level credits to include:

  • Duplicative credits
  • Physical education credits
  • Orientation courses
  • Excelsior University courses and exams, regardless of grade. Excelsior courses and exams cannot be removed, including repeats
  • Non-Excelsior University college-level credits earning a D grade or better
  • Learning experiences that have been repeated at the same institution. These will only list the higher grade

What is Not Listed on the Transcript

  • Continuing education units (CEUs)
  • Developmental courses not offered by Excelsior University
  • Certificate courses which do not carry college-level credit
  • Grade Point Averages (GPAs)
  • Attempted, earned, or total hours


  • OneTranscript® Service Fee – The OneTranscript® service consolidates student’s accredited college-level academic records onto a single Excelsior University transcript (known as the Credit Bank transcript). The OneTranscript® service and fee entitles students to receive an official evaluation of the credit applied. The fee includes one full year of the OneTranscript® service. When students submit additional credit, they can be added to their record with no additional payment within the year.
  • OneTranscript® Update Fee – After a full year of using the OneTranscript® service has expired, an update fee will be applied if students would like to use the OneTranscript® service for a second or additional year.
  • Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) Independent Study Course Fee – There is an additional charge for FEMA Independent Study courses based on the number of courses awarded using the OneTranscript® service.
  • Official Transcript Fee – The transcript fee covers the cost of preparing an official copy of the Excelsior University Credit Bank transcript.
  • Excelsior University courses/exams will be added to the OneTranscript® record at no additional cost to the student if a written request is received.


  • Students requesting a refund of the OneTranscript® Fee must submit a signed refund and withdrawal request to the OneTranscript® team. The OneTranscript® fee minus a $50 processing fee will be refunded upon written request within six months of registration in the OneTranscript® service if the evaluation has not taken place.

Additional Information

  • Official transcripts are required and must be submitted directly from the issuing institution to Excelsior University, per policy 123 Official Transcripts.
  • Credit will be transcribed onto OneTranscript® within 10 business days from the arrival of credit-bearing document(s).
  • Students may request that certain non-Excelsior University learning experiences be excluded from their OneTranscript® record by submitting a written request with the application. Once credits are posted to the official transcript, they cannot be removed
  • The transcript will note clearly that it is an Excelsior University Credit Bank Transcript. The reverse side of the transcript will include the following statement defining Credit Bank Services; “The Excelsior University OneTranscript® is a service to students not enrolled in Excelsior University who want to consolidate their academic records for employment or educational purposes. The Excelsior University OneTranscript® lists college-level credits that could be applied toward an Excelsior University degree. A grade of D and higher in transfer from acceptable institutions is listed on the Excelsior University OneTranscript®”.
  • If a One Transcript® student enrolls in an Excelsior University degree program, they will be under the degree program policies in effect upon admission. All course work listed on the One Transcript® will be evaluated according to their applicability toward the degree program the student enrolls in. Not all credits listed on the One Transcript® will apply toward a degree program (example: external D grades are not applicable to Excelsior University degrees).