Student User Name and Password Assignment

Student User Name and Password Assignment

Statement of Policy

Excelsior University uses technology to support student learning; therefore, all students will have access to Excelsior online services by creating an account on the Excelsior University Web site. The account allows a student to access private areas of the Excelsior University Web site, including student services and online courses.

User Name and Password Are Private Information and Must be Protected

The user name and password must be kept confidential by the student. Students and staff are responsible for protecting this information to prevent unauthorized use of the student account. The user name and password are used as a login ID to access student services and online courses.

Provide Secure and Reasonable Methods for Retrieval

If the student forgets their login ID information, Excelsior will provide secure and reasonable methods for retrieving the user name or resetting the password. The student is responsible for providing information to confirm their identity.

This policy describes the self-guided registration process to create the account and login ID: The user name and password requirements, how the student provides identity verification, and how the student is able to look up their user name or reset their password.


Account Creation
During the enrollment process, a student account is created with a randomly generated password. The student is issued a one-time password reset link to both confirm their email and allow the student to choose their new password.

User name Retrieval and Password Reset
There are 3 user name retrieval and password reset options:

  1. Online Login Help
    This process is self-guided and initiated by the student. This process can follow one of two paths:

    • Path 1 – forgot username : An email will be sent with a link to the address on file for the account holder.
      The individual enters the email address of the account holder. If this email address matches the one on file, the system will send an email with the student’s username.
    • Path 2 – forgot password: The student is prompted for their email address and username. If the student does not believe that the email address on file is valid, he or she may utilize the online service to retrieve the user name or reset the password.
      This begins with a request for the first and last name of the student and will continue to verify the identity of the requester by calling for the following combination of information:
      · The last 4 digits of the Social Security number (SSN)
      · Date of birth
      · Student ID
      · Date of birth
      The result of a positive match on either of these is:
      · Display of user name and request for password to complete login
      · Reset password
      If the reset password option is chosen and the secret question is correctly answered, the student is allowed to change the lLogin ID’s password. This will result in a new password for the login ID (as opposed to a one time use password).
  2. Aided by Excelsior University staff (by phone or email)
    Excelsior University staff members do not have the ability to view or reset a student’s password. A restricted number of staff can update the student’s record with an accurate e-mail address to allow the student to perform a self-guided user name retrieval or password reset as described above. Excelsior staff can also view the Login ID user name for a student. Excelsior staff, before updating the email address on file or revealing the user name, must validate the student’s identity through the process described in the Student Identity Verification Policy.

    Staff can also forward the caller to Technical Support to provide additional levels of account access assistance. This process is described below.

  3. Aided by Technical Support (by phone or email)

    Technical Support staff will follow the process described in the Student Identity Verification policy. The Technical Support staff member will verify and update, if necessary, the student's email address and then aid in the process of the online Login Help.

    Technical Support staff can reset the password which automatically generates an e-mail containing the one-time use password to the account holder's email address.

    Technical Support staff can also provide the user name for an individual.