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BA in Liberal Arts graduates in a meeting

BA in Liberal Arts

Transfer up to
113 Credits
A median of 79 credits accepted
Receive credit for military training

Online Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

If you are working toward a promotion at work, are curious about your own capabilities, or want to change your profession altogether, a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts is one of the best ways to open those new doors. Comprehensive and foundational, a liberal arts degree prepares you to move forward in your current field or find a completely new path.

What can I do with a liberal arts degree?

This fully online liberal arts program emphasizes critical analysis, effective communication skills, ethical decision-making, and collaboration with diverse thinkers. Students define their own programs by combining past experience with new coursework. This general liberal arts degree is a flexible and effective way to integrate past learning with new educational goals, and emerge prepared for a variety of job opportunities.

Fast Facts:

The average median public relations manager salary is $111,280 (Source: BLS)

Bachelor’s degree holders work in positions as diverse as intelligence analyst, client service specialist, business development manager, and project manager (Source:

91 percent of the net increase in jobs held by those at least 25 years old are filled by those with at least a bachelor’s degree (Source:


credit hours

Online BA in Liberal Arts Program Details

Of a total of 120 degree credits, Bachelor of Arts students must complete a minimum of 12 credits in any two different arts and science distribution areas and 9 credits in the remaining distribution area: humanities, social science/history, and natural science/math. This includes Ethics, and at least 2 credits in college level mathematics and at least 2 credits in natural science.

  • Cornerstone Course
  • INL 102 Information Literacy
  • Written English Requirement
  • Humanities
    • One ethics course
    • Two elective courses
  • Social Sciences and History
    • Any combination of three social sciences and/or history courses
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics
    • One mathematics course (minimum 2 credits)
    • One natural sciences course (minimum 2 credits)
    • Additional courses
  • Arts and Sciences Electives
  • Additional Collegiate-level Study
  • Capstone Requirement

Capstone Requirement

Liberal Arts Capstone

The capstone course centers upon the four liberal arts degree outcomes: critical thinking, communication, diversity, and ethics. Students broaden and refine their understanding of these outcomes and competencies, apply them in assignments, and reflect on how these concepts have shaped their college learning.

If you enjoy studying independently, you may find Excelsior’s UExcel exams an efficient and effective way to earn credit toward your Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts. You can prepare at your own pace and schedule your exam when you’re ready, saving both time and money. Many liberal arts course requirements, including those in the natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, history, and humanities, can be satisfied using exams.

Articulate complex concepts to a targeted audience in written and oral form. 

Analyze the influence of cultural diversity when addressing global issues. 

Collaborate within a team to solve interdisciplinary problems or achieve a common goal. 

Evaluate perspectives of an ethical dilemma and present evidence-based solutions. 

Develop a plan that integrates academic and professional experiences for achieving career goals.

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Common Careers with an
Online BA in Liberal Arts

  • Communications
  • Education
  • Law
  • Library/Information Science
  • Public Affairs
  • Social/Human Services

Caleen Oliver
Bachelor of Science, 2015

“Excelsior gave me the opportunity to follow my dreams … there’s no time frame on getting your education.”

Recognitions & Accreditations

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Institutional Accreditation

Excelsior College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 1007 North Orange Street, 4th Floor, MB #166, Wilmington, DE 19801 (267-284-5011) The MSCHE is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

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Last Reaffirmation: 2017
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