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Master of Science in Management (Organizational Leadership)

Master's in Management (Organizational Leadership)

Learn to lead organizational change with an online Master of Science in Management with concentration in organizational leadership from Excelsior College, a respected pioneer in higher education that's been helping adults earn degrees for more than 40 years.

This graduate degree in management will provide you with expertise in change and conflict management that will enable you to anticipate and address key issues and challenges in your organization. You will gain skills in force-field and gap analysis, an understanding of the human and economic factors involved in restructuring, and become a leader who can effectively communicate and implement organizational change in workplace settings. In addition, you will be prepared to take on managerial roles in which you will lead change and restructuring initiatives, and manage conflicts in a productive manner.

With your MS in Management degree, you'll be able to move into higher level organizational management positions that require deeper knowledge of the change process. The master's concentration in organizational leadership requires completion of three MS in Management electives related to leadership in organizations:

  • Mediation (3 credits)
  • Leadership (3 credits)
  • Change Management (3 credits)

This online master's degree in management will help you develop the advanced leadership skills you need to succeed in organizational development. It is well suited to students who have already earned a Bachelor of Science in Business or Bachelor of Professional Studies in Business and Management degree, as well as military servicemembers who want to pursue careers in administrative and organizational management.

Spend Less and Earn Your Master's in Management Degree Sooner

Excelsior's online organizational management courses are designed to work around your busy schedule and budget, so you can earn your master's in management degree and advance your career in organizational leadership while you continue to work.

  • Transfer up to 15 accredited, graduate credits.
  • Take flexible, 8-week, online courses that fit your schedule.
  • Develop a niche skill set in organizational leadership and change management.
  • Enjoy a business curriculum that doesn't require coursework in finance or quantitative analysis.
  • Receive personalized academic support from advisors who know you by name.
  • Learn from faculty who teach at some of the top graduate business schools in the country.
  • Enjoy affordable tuition and fees that are competitive with public institutions, along with flexible-payment options, financial aid, and other forms of support.

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Master of Science in Management Program Outcomes

MS in Management Credit Requirements

The Masters of Science in Management program requires 30 graduate level credits. Students in this program will be allowed to transfer in a maximum of 15 approved graduate level credits, thus requiring 15 credits of the requirements to be taken directly at Excelsior College. 

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Core Courses:

  • Organizational Communication
  • Ethics for Managers
  • Managing Global Environments
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • BUS 599 Strategic Management (Capstone)
  • Electives, if needed to replace waived core course(s)

Any waivers will be counted as part of the 15 credits allowed in transfer.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of an Excelsior College Master of Science in Management, you will be able to:

  • Formulate sustainable solutions to practical management problems encountered in a complex global environment.
  • Evaluate different methods and strategies used to develop individuals and manage teams in multiple settings.
  • Analyze how different functional areas within a business organization affect its strategic direction.
  • Apply project management tools and techniques in a business environment.
  • Create sustained and coherent arguments to summarize work for both internal (e.g., management, peers, subordinates) and external audiences.
  • Develop an ethical argument that challenges existing assumptions or prevailing practices in a business environment.
  • Generate solutions to business problems through the use of information technologies.
  • Integrate theory and practice for the purpose of strategic analysis.
  • Evaluate individual strengths and weaknesses with the desire to update skills and continuously improve.

Program Educational Objectives

Upon completion of an Excelsior College Master of Science in Management, you will be able to:

  • Design, implement, and evaluate the efficacy of solutions for complex business problems.
  • Engage in life-long learning for professional, career, and personal development.
  • Lead and work effectively and efficiently in diverse team settings and maintain a high level of performance in a professional business environment.
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently to various audiences in a timely and professional manner.
  • Demonstrate leadership and initiative to ethically advance organizational goals and objectives.
  • Demonstrate adaptability, leadership, mentoring skills, and management in your chosen career.

MSM Organizational Leadership Concentration Outcomes

Organizational Leadership Concentration Outcomes

Upon completion of an Excelsior College Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Organizational Leadership, you will be able to:

  • Discuss key issues and challenges associated with managing organizational changes.
  • Apply leadership strategies to manage conflicts in the workplace.

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Excelsior College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. (267-284-5000). The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

All of Excelsior College's academic programs are registered (i.e., approved) by the New York State Education Department.

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