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Bachelor's Degree in History

Bachelor's in History Degree

"History should be studied because it is essential to individuals and to society, and because it harbors beauty." Dr. Peter N. Stearns, Professor of History, George Mason University

Why Study History?

The study of history is the study of "change over time" - understanding how and why events in the past occurred, interpreting historical evidence about those events, and synthesizing evidence into written arguments. Learning about the past can help us better comprehend our present and future.

At Excelsior, our history courses emphasize critical thinking, written analysis, and understanding multiple perspectives on the past. History is also about passion, beauty, and the search for "truth." The study of history creates engaged, empathetic, and informed citizens who seek to understand and better human society.

History Majors at Excelsior College:

  • Have a personal passion for history and historical topics
  • Often transfer in a lot of history credit earned at other schools
  • Learn how to locate, evaluate, and process information
  • Gain transferable job skills in research, writing, and critical thinking
  • Pursue graduate studies and careers in a wide variety of fields

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Bachelor's in History Credit Requirements

Bachelor of Science in HistoryMinimum of 120 credits: 60 credits (21 in upper level) in arts and sciences and 60 credits (9 in upper level) in applied professional courses, additional arts and sciences courses or a combination of both. 33 of the 120 credits must be in the major subject (18 upper level), including a 3-credit capstone course.

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BS in History Course and Faculty Spotlight

Course Spotlight

Step into the Past with a New Game-Based History Course: HIS350: World War I

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Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Jennifer Lemak, PhD is the chief curator of history at the New York State Museum. She earned her MA in Public History and PhD in History from the University at Albany. She is the author of Southern Life, Northern City: The History of Albany's Rapp Road and several articles on the Great Migration to Upstate New York. Her next book will further develop the impact of the Great Migration on the cities of Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo. Most recently, Lemak curated the New York State Museum's exhibit, An Irrepressible Conflict: the Empire State in the Civil War. She also serves as the Commissioner of Education's representative on the New York State Board for Historic Preservation.

Career Paths for History Majors

The skills you'll gain by earning your degree in history prepare you for a range of career paths, rather than a single profession. According to Careers for Students of History (2002), history majors are well suited to careers in education, research, communication, information management, advocacy, and business.

A bachelor's in history degree also prepares you for graduate study, especially in history, military studies, historic preservation, museum studies, law, library science, archival science, archaeology, and education. Research your graduate school options through the Career Center at Excelsior College, and check out video clips of history majors in a wide range of careers.

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