Cybersecurity Faculty Program Directors


Dr. Amelia EstwickDr. Amelia Estwick, Director of the National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College and faculty program director for the graduate cybersecurity program, is a Thought Leader for the College’s cybersecurity research, training, and academic initiatives. Prior to her academic position, she worked for the National Security Agency as a technical director within their Threat Operations Center, which was responsible for monitoring and securing the Department of Defense networks against cyberattacks. She has more than 20 years of government IT and cybersecurity experience, is a National Physical Sciences Consortium Fellow, a certified ethical hacker, and a US Army veteran. She earned her doctorate in computer science from The George Washington University and is passionate about diversity and inclusion initiatives to include increasing women and minority professionals in STEM, IT, and cybersecurity. In 2018, Dr. Estwick was awarded the NSA/NSF GenCyber Grant to host a cybersecurity camp for 6th-12th grade educators in Albany, NY. Read Amelia Estwick’s CV.


Ethan SprisslerEthan Sprissler is the faculty program director of both the information technology and the CAE-designated cybersecurity undergraduate programs at Excelsior College, a lecturer in the Information Systems and Business Analytics Program in the University at Albany School of Business, and a PhD candidate in the University at Albany informatics program. In addition to his current studies, he also has earned a MA in philosophy of religion from Boston University, and a MS in information science from the University at Albany. His research interests include encryption, game theory, decision theory, machine learning, and higher education. Read Ethan Sprissler’s CV.