Credit for Exams

Excelsior University awards credit for many exams administered by military, educational, and certification agencies.

If you’ve taken college-level exams not listed here, ask your admissions counselor if they’re eligible to be evaluated for credit transfer.

AP® Exams

You may be awarded with college credit for Advanced Placement (AP) college-level exams.

CLEP® Exams

These exams include General Examinations and Subject Examinations, and carry lower-level credit. They are offered to members of the U.S. military through DANTES base testing or education services offices. The CLEP institution code for Excelsior University is 2899.

DSST® Exams

Most DSST exams carry lower-level credit and are offered to U.S. military members through the DANTES base testing or education services offices. The DSST institution code for Excelsior University is 9370.

Excelsior Exams (UExcel, ECE, Regents College Exams, ACT/PEP)

Excelsior exams are no longer being offered, but credits from Excelsior exams you have taken previously are automatically entered in your records, so you do not need to take any additional action to receive credit for them. Contact your advisor to see how the credits fit within your degree program.

IT Certification Exams

Excelsior offers credit for many professional exams such as those offered by Cisco, CompTIA, ICDL, Microsoft, Oracle, SAS, and Sun. Learn more on the Credit for IT Certifications, Training, and Exams page.

Talk to an admissions counselor about your goals and transfer credits.


David Waldorf, BA in Liberal Arts – 2015
Started with 75 Credits
“I did credit by examination through mostly the CLEP College Level Organization Program. I was also able to shop around to other colleges that had distance learning programs and use the courses that they had, that was affordable or that interested me and then transferred the credit over to Excelsior.”