Transfer Credits for Courses

Save on tuition and finish your program sooner by transferring more course credits earned at other accredited colleges. Many students come to Excelsior specifically because of its generous transfer credit policies.

Transfer Credit Guidelines

Check the transfer credit guidelines to see if you’ll be able to apply credits you’ve already earned to your desired program of study.

To find out how many credits you may be able to transfer, talk with your admissions counselor about your background and goals. They’ll let you know which online degree programs will make the most of your incoming credits.

Maximize the Value of Your Community College Credits with Excelsior’s 3+1 Program

This unique pathway helps you save on the cost of earning your bachelor’s by allowing you to transfer up to 90 credits from your community college to Excelsior University and receive a tuition discount on your bachelor’s.

See How Excelsior’s 3+1 Program Maximizes Your Community College Credits

Talk to an admissions counselor about your goals and transfer credits.


Anna Truss, BS in IT – 2014
Started with 89 Credits
“Excelsior transferred most of my prior credits. In the end I ended up with about three years worth of credits that were transferred and I mean that was amazing, it saved time and it saved money for me.”