University Designation

Excelsior College became Excelsior University on August 1, 2022.

Excelsior has experienced name changes in the past, and each change offered unique benefits to our students and academics. This next step in Excelsior’s evolution—becoming known as a university—provides a platform to reach and continue to serve adult students in broader ways. Students and alumni will benefit from the growing prestige of Excelsior University, and we will use this as an opportunity to connect, re-engage, and grow our Excelsior community.

Frequently Asked Questions

University designation is an acknowledgment of the breadth of our programs and a symbol of our bold future. Higher education has become increasingly competitive. With many of our students coming from other states or countries where college holds a different connotation, university will showcase that Excelsior also offers graduate programs as well as our commitment to the student experience. New York had been one of a few states to narrowly limit the definition of “university.” Operating as a university gives us the opportunity to build on our mission and meet the needs of adult students in broader ways.

No, effective January 26, 2022, Excelsior meets the standards for a university.

University is now defined in New York as “an institution of higher education that offers a variety of registered undergraduate and graduate curricula in the liberal arts and sciences, including registered graduate programs in at least three of the following disciplinary areas: agriculture, life sciences, business, education, engineering, fine arts, health professions, humanities, physical sciences, and social sciences.”

University designation is a more accurate reflection of Excelsior’s identity. It supports our national profile and appeals to a large base of students outside of New York and around the world.

The university designation also better positions Excelsior for programmatic growth, including expanding graduate programs. This focus will strengthen our community and network of students and alumni. As Excelsior evolves, the value of an Excelsior degree also grows.

Graduates after August 1, 2022, will graduate from Excelsior University.

Degrees conferred after August 1, 2022, will be from Excelsior University. Transcripts will be on Excelsior University masthead.

As Excelsior becomes known as Excelsior University, alumni may want their resume to read “Excelsior University (formerly Excelsior College).” If a student graduated from Regents College and had previously included that name, the new designation should be “Excelsior University (previously Regents College).”

After August 1, 2022, alumni can order diploma reprints to receive Excelsior University diplomas. More details will be available closer to August 1.
No. This name change has no impact on financial aid criteria.
Yes! Excelsior remains committed to its mission and goals and will be steadfast in serving adult and underrepresented students.
We will rebrand Excelsior as Excelsior University. Part of the process is to look at developing a new logo.

The web address and email addresses,, will remain unchanged.

Social media handles are currently @ExcelsiorCollege and plan to be updated by August 1, 2022.

Additional questions or comments can be directed to