Enrollment Options

Once you’ve been admitted to the College, you’ll need to submit your enrollment agreement and register for your courses or exams. Your academic advising team will help you map out your degree or certificate completion plan. Download our Enrollment Checklist (PDF).

Excelsior Course Option

If you’ll earn 12 or more credits through Excelsior online courses before you graduate, choose the Excelsior Course Option. Review tuition and fees.

If you’ll earn 6 credits or more through Excelsior online courses before you graduate and are enrolling in the AAS in Technical Studies or the AAS in Administrative/Management Studies program, choose the Excelsior Course Option. Review tuition and fees.

Multi-Source Option

If you’ll earn fewer than 12 credits in online course work at Excelsior before you graduate, choose the Multi-Source Option. This option includes an administrative enrollment fee. Review tuition and fees.

Complete Your Enrollment Agreement

You’ll need to pay your annual student services fee when you submit your enrollment agreement. Learn more.

Complete Your Graduate Enrollment Agreement

Questions? Email your graduate admissions counselor or call at 888-647-2388.

Visit the Center for Military and Veteran Education and follow the admission process for your branch/status.

Academic Activity Requirement

You need to be registered for courses or exams, or actively transferring in credits from other schools, within six months after you’re admitted. This will maintain your current student status. If you wait more than six months, you’ll need to reapply and be admitted again before you can start.

Contact Us

Your admissions counselor will help you select the right program and complete the admissions process.