AD Team Nominated for Teamwork and Collaboration Award

By Kim Hedley, Assistant Dean

The AD in nursing team was recognized by the Northeast New York Professional Nurses Organization Inc, as a nominee for the Teamwork and Collaboration Award during the organizations awards dinner held on June 2, 2016.  There were a number of items included within the nomination, but the one that stands out the most is  “Change is embraced within the team and is essential for day to day operations for this fast paced program.  Team members use spirit of inquiry to raise questions, challenge traditional and existing practices and seek creative solutions to problems.  They examine evidence that underlies clinical nursing practice and challenge the status quo.  They question underlying assumptions and offer new insights to improve quality of education with an end result of improved care to patients, families and communities.”

Congratulations to the members of the team for this great honor:

Janette Brunick, Jennifer Cole, Evelyn Davis, Cathy DeChance, Toni Doherty, Kathie Doyle, Ellen LaDieu, Amy Elinskas, Maryann Fischler, Ayesha Geter, Deborah Gilman, Kim Hedley, Nicole Helstowski, Susan Irvine, Claire Ligeikis-Clayton, Nichole Marshall, Norine Masella, Dawne Olbyrch, Bonnie Page, Mary Lee Pollard, Jayne Prendergast, Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher, Lisa Robert, Lynnette Robinson, Heather Senecal, Jeremy Sherman, Alyssa Smith, Katherine Stewart, Shakera Symes, Mark Wahl, Linda Weber and Nona Wilson.