New Courses in Leadership

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” This statement, made by Martin Luther King Jr., reflects the personal humility and social responsibility that is sometimes needed to be a transformative leader. Who are transformative leaders? What are their characteristics, ethics, and challenges? What other type of leaders are there and what motivates them? Who failed at leadership and why? Students explore these questions and more in COMM 423 Leadership and Team Building or MLS620 Philosophies of Leadership.

In COMM 423 Leadership and Team Building, students delve deeper into leadership theory and practice successful leadership models. Simultaneously, they build teamwork skills, which depend on working with different but complementary points of view to achieve challenging objectives to reach a common goal. This course may focus on leaders, but it provides anyone with more effective skills to succeed in life. Leadership and Team Building does not require pre-requisites, and uses interactive self-tests, free open educational resources, and case studies using Storyline Interactives.

In MLS 620 Philosophies of Leadership, students study the philosophies and practices of great thinkers and leaders from the ancient world to present day. They’ll also draw on past leaders’ ideas to develop their own, personalized leadership philosophy. In the process, students will consider questions like, “Do I have to be a good person to be a good leader?”, “Do great leaders make history or does history make great leaders?” and “What does it mean to act by not acting?” Philosophies of Leadership is designed for graduate and advanced graduate students who want to be leaders in any field, from business to government, the military to the non-profit sector.

You can find more information on these courses through the Course Search  on our website. Speak to your advisor to see if they will fit with your degree plan.