Prepare To Earn Credit By Exam

As an associate level nursing student, you will complete your degree by taking a series of credit-bearing exams at a Pearson VUE testing center. You can study for your exams when, where, and how you want, using textbooks and content guides, and by signing up for preparatory online conferences and low cost practice exams.

Exam Content Guides

Our free content guides will let you know exactly what you need to learn to pass your exams. These provide an outline of the topics covered, a list of study resources, and sample test questions to help you become more familiar with the test format. Content guides are prepared by the same faculty who create the exams.

Content guides are updated periodically to reflect changes in particular exams and textbooks. Current exam content guides can be found on each exam detail page.


You can easily order the recommended textbooks for your nursing exams through the Excelsior College Bookstore.

Beware of Test Preparation Services

Excelsior College does not contract with or endorse the services of, or study materials sold by, any test preparation providers. Be cautious of anyone selling test preparation services or materials; whatever they may say to you, they are not affiliated with Excelsior College. As an enrolled student, you’ll be guided to the right learning resources and services. Learn more.