Diploma Reissuance Policy

Degrees are conferred upon satisfactory completion of all requirements following the final evaluation and transcript posting by the Registrar’s Office. Diplomas are mailed to graduates after the student’s conferral date and verification that all financial obligations have been met. The conferral record is considered permanent and cannot be changed after the student has graduated.

Graduates may submit a request for a replacement diploma through the Registrar’s Office. Replacement diplomas shall carry the following information contained on the original – name, degree program, conferral date, diploma number and honors designation. Students seeking a legal name change should follow the process outlined in the Change of Records policy.

Replacement diplomas will be issued in the current format and all signatories will be current administrators. To protect the institution and continuity of records, the new diploma will have the following printed on its face “Diploma Reprint.” Graduates requesting a replacement diploma will be subject to the current fee for such diplomas.