What Will It Cost Me?

Transfer in up to 96% of your credits toward your degree AND get credit for your experience

You can afford a college education - even on a budget. At Excelsior, you have more options than you might expect. To start, you'll transfer accredited college course credits to eliminate the need to retake courses you've already successfully passed. Then, highly-skilled financial aid advisors will help you realistically assess your cost for college and craft a comprehensive financial aid plan. With our low-cost tuition and array of assistance options, you can afford to invest in your future.

What Will it Cost Me?

You can get a financial aid plan uniquely tailored to your goals and that positively leverages your past experience, either in college, the military, or on the job. Explore our competitive costs and the extensive financing options available to you:

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How Can I Save Money?

You can save more using a variety of financial aid options to help pay for college, including federal student loans, Stafford loans, Pell and other tuition grants, military and veterans benefits, discount opportunities, payment plans, and much more.

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Transfer Credits and Save

We believe you should get credit for what you've already successfully done. Eliminate the need to spend time retaking a course by transferring your accredited college credits, and earn academic credit for military and professional training.

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Use calculating tools to estimate the cost of tuition for a particular degree, based on your expected transfer credit. Or, determine your eligibility for financial aid so you can estimate your out-of-pocket college expenses.

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Marc Insinga

BS in Technology
MBA Tech Management

"Excelsior allowed me to transfer in all of my credits and just do the courses I needed for my degree. I didn't have to pay for busywork courses that would have taken time away from my family."

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