Hate Crime Reporting and Related Information

Excelsior University is a student-centered learning community. Students are encouraged to include study of the perspectives of various ethnic and cultural groups within society, as well as to understand and value diversity. Bias-related and hate crimes occur most frequently when intolerance and lack of respect replace understanding the value of diversity in our world. Guided by the University’s Center for Social Justice and with the approval of our Board of Trustees, Excelsior has a program to bring awareness and diversity education to all staff. Excelsior seeks faculty and administrators who will diversify its curriculum and business environment. Students, faculty, and staff are expected to demonstrate respect for others and an awareness of the ethical implications of their actions. This atmosphere of respect will foster an environment that diminishes the instance and opportunity for bias-related and hate crime.

Excelsior University’s Prevention of Bias-related Crime Policy

One of the purposes of this policy is to provide students with information regarding how to prevent, handle, and report incidents of bias-related crimes. Included is information regarding reporting procedures and support services available here: https://www.excelsior.edu/policy/prevention-of-bias-related-crime-on-the-excelsior-university-campus/


Excelsior University encourages employees and students to accurately and timely report crimes to a Campus Security Authority and/or local law enforcement, including in circumstances when the victim of a crime elects to, or is unable to, make a report.

Excelsior University Campus Security Authorities (CSAs)

Excelsior University identifies the following departments and individuals as CSAs

Office of Human Resources
Vice President of Human Resources
Title IX Coordinator

Office of Enrollment Management and Marketing
Senior Accessibility Specialist

Fiscal Services
Chief Financial Officer

Information Technology Services
Chief Operating Officer for Information Technology, Information Technology Services
Director of Technical and Facilities Services

The above identified CSAs will:

  • Serve as a point of contact for students and employees regarding emergencies, crimes, and safety and security issues;
  • Notify the proper University officials whenever the CSA is aware of a known or suspected crime on campus, public property, or on non-campus property as each is defined by the Clery Act; and
  • Report or assist Excelsior University in the reporting of a crime or suspected crime to the local police department and cooperate with any resulting investigations.
  • Law Enforcement

    If you are hurt or in danger or if you witness someone being harmed or threatened, dial 911 for immediate assistance.

    Albany Police Department
    Phone: 518-438-4000

    Guilderland Police Department
    Phone: 518-356-1501

    Other Resources

    Albany County Crime Victim and Sexual Violence Center provides a comprehensive range of services to emotionally and physically injured crime victims in Albany County.
    112 State Street, Room 1118
    Albany, NY 12207
    24-Hour Sexual Assault Hotline: 518-447-7716
    Phone: 518-447-7100
    Email: cvsvc@albanycounty.com
    Website: www.albanycounty.com/cvsvc

    VictimConnect Resource Center serves victims of any crime anywhere in the United States and its territories.
    Phone: 1-855-484-2846 (call or text)
    Website: https://victimconnect.org/

    U.S. Department of Justice Hate Crimes website is a central hub for hate crimes resources for victims, advocacy groups, law enforcement, researchers, the media, and other interested individuals and organizations. https://www.justice.gov/hatecrimes/resources


  • United States Department of Education (USDOE) Campus Safety and Security website
  • Access to statistics reported to USDOE for Excelsior University
  • Excelsior’s 2023 Annual Security Report
    Excelsior University did not experience any hate crimes in 2020, 2021, or 2022.

    Training and Education

    Excelsior webinars

  • Sexual Violence and Persons with Disabilities
  • Violence Against Transgender People: The Silent Crisis
  • Violence Against Indigenous Women: Awareness, Prevention, and Healing
  • Impact of Sexual Violence on the LGBTQ Community
    Center for Social Justice
    The Excelsior University Center for Social Justice (CSJ) is a community and institutional hub of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) spaces, opportunities, and resources. To further advance Excelsior’s mission and vision, the Center facilitates: a) safe spaces for diverse stories, voices, and dialogue, b) expanded access to post-secondary education, and c) JEDI development for community organizations, including Excelsior’s. CSJ aims to elevate Excelsior as a model that embraces diversity, challenges the status quo, and strives to create a just world through a focus on equity, access, participation, and human rights. Our investment in social justice intends to create a platform for meaningful dialogue as an asset to the organization’s decision making and performance, an opportunity to enhance underprivileged students’ access to higher education, and a conduit for all learners’ intercultural development. Find information about upcoming events at our Communities Hub here: https://communities.excelsior.edu/events/