What Is The NSSE?

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is used by faculty and administrators to assess and improve the collegiate experiences of undergraduates. Students from hundreds of colleges and universities are asked the same questions about their participation in educationally purposeful activities and their interaction with faculty and other students. Students voluntarily participate in NSSE.

Transparency by Design institutions have chosen to utilize this tool based on its widespread use and acceptance. The data presented here were gathered from senior-level learners at each institution. Institutions have reported the top two positive answers in this section (quite a bit and very much) as a single whole percentage. For example, if 30% answered quite a bit and 40% answered very much, then the institution has reported 70% here.


Studies have shown that students who are engaged in good educational practices better achieve the desired learning and personal development outcomes of college. Also, students’ answers to these questions also give you insight into the culture of the institution and therefore can help you determine if this institution is a good fit for you.