Check Your Messages!

Do you look at Facebook every day? How about Outlook and Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat and Gmail? Sure, we all do, but what about your Excelsior College Message Center?  Is it collecting dust?

    Wait, what? My message center? 

It’s that place where valuable information is sent to you from your school.

    Oh, yea! That’s right, I remember that place…

On any given day, you could receive an important message from the school in your message center so it is very important to stay up to date and check it daily as you would any of your other social media sites.

Why is it important to check these messages?

  • It’s a great way to stay connected with Excelsior College
  • It includes important information about your student status (probation, transfer credit evaluation, fiscal hold, absenteeism in class, academic withdrawal, course wait list opening, course/exam approval, etc.)
  • You will receive changes and updates to policies and procedures
  • You will be aware of announcements from the College
  • You will communicate with your Academic Advisor on topics such as course/exam approvals, registration deadlines, academic planning, information needed, receipt of transcripts, etc.

These are only a few examples of what can be found there. Basically, many important communications from the College will be sent to your message center.

As Success Coaches, we encourage students to get into the habit of checking their messages every day so as not to miss any important information. Make this a daily habit. Stay connected!

by Hannah Lynch and Vicki Pocorobba, Student Success Coaches

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