Late on an assignment? Talk to your instructor!

Dilanthi Graham, Student Success Coach, on communicating with your instructor:

Kevin’s story is a perfect example of the importance of communicating with your instructor. Kevin Gillie is a flight medic in the Unites States Army. When he’s not climbing helicopters, he’s also a husband, father, and student. As is the case for many students, Kevin ran into trouble with one assignment. He accidentally did not submit an assignment. He notified the instructor and was told he could submit it late. The professor was very impressed by his work.  Total win!

I’ve heard quite a few students say that they own their mistakes and will just take a zero or poor grade because they deserve it. They don’t want to make excuses. However, it’s not an excuse if it’s the truth and effort matters! If you know you can do better, why not use the same logic? Own the mistake by putting in more effort and trying again. It worked for Kevin, why can’t it work for you?