There’s An App For That: Staying Focused

hannah-and-kelliThere’s an app for everything these days. We went and did some legwork for you hardworking students and found the most helpful apps for your needs.  These apps range from organization all the way to self-care!  Stay tuned for more exciting app features posted every month from your Success Coaches, Kelli and Hannah!

Why download the Forest App?

Having a hard time focusing on your studies? The Forest App is an innovative app that assists individuals in putting down their cell phones.  We found this app helpful for studying, but it can also be used for family time – “AHEM!” (put your phone away when you are at the dinner table!) – OR for staying focused at work.

This is how the app works:

Limit your distractions by planting a tree. What do we mean?  For every 30 minutes you remain focused the virtual tree you planted will grow.  Unfortunately, the tree dies if you leave the app.  Remain focused and watch your forest grow.  Every tree in your forest represents 30 minutes of pure focus!  This app can help in breaking the bad habits of checking your texts, Candy Crush, or Snapchat, just to name a few, so you have more time to focus.