Cannabis Control

Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Control

Cannabis control compliance officer at work in a cannabis dispensary
Cannabis control compliance officer at work in a cannabis dispensary

Cannabis Control

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Quickly growing beyond its extralegal roots, Cannabis has fast become a multibillion-dollar industry. As more states move toward legalization, organizations in public and private sectors will require a deeper understanding of the newly emerging and consistently changing regulatory environment.

Excelsior's Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Control will help you keep pace with the opportunities, challenges, and complexities of the cannabis industry and its accompanying regulations. The certificate's unique interdisciplinary approach prepares you to converse with policymakers, industry leaders, proprietors, and other stakeholders across the many professions that the cannabis industry touches. You will learn to develop your critical thinking skills and deepen your knowledge base to understand the impact of cannabis legalization in our communities, states, and nation.

A bachelor’s degree is required for admission to this graduate certificate program.

View our Graduate Certificate in Cannabis Control program guide for more information.

9 Credits

3 Courses

6 Months

Program Duration

Start June 24

Courses start every 8 weeks

What Courses Will I Take?

Examine the impact of legalization on various institutions, organizations, and individuals, including safety, testing/regulation, marketing, dilemmas between policy and legal regimes they live in, and budgetary implications.
Study existing cannabis tax schemes, assess their impacts on businesses and effectiveness in meeting individual cannabis program goals, and suggest improvements, as well as develop strategies for businesses and governments to plan for and meet shifting tax burdens. You will analyze economic, legal, and public health implications of traceability and transport of cannabis and cannabis industry supporting products.
Learn about risk assessment in cannabis control and gain skills necessary to evaluate risks in the field related to: cultivation, harvesting, genetic testing, containment, water supply, pests, cybersecurity, grants, product safety labeling, and workplace testing/safety. Discuss harm reduction strategies when moving from an unregulated to a regulated market. They will also learn to conduct risk assessments in their communities.
Cannabis control specialists documenting inventory
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  • Our program keeps ahead of rapid industry changes with guidance from the market leaders and entrepreneurs on our Cannabis Industrial Advisory Council
  • Cannabis is the fastest-growing industry in the U.S. job market (Source: Markets Insider)
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Alumni Spotlight

Cannabis Industrial Advisory Committee
The Cannabis Industrial Advisory Committee (CBC-IAC) is instrumental in ensuring Excelsior’s Cannabis Control Program is current and relevant to the needs of this ever-changing market. The committee is made up of leading industry experts and provides thought leadership in all facets of cannabis business operations as well as opportunities for students to connect with the industry beyond the classroom through internships, course projects, and networking events. Learn More

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