Catherine Craig-Erhardt Memorial Award

The award memorializes Catherine Craig-Erhardt, who joined Excelsior University in 1980 and who served as Excelsior’s liaison with the military services from 1984 until her untimely death in 1986. The award recognizes and commemorates her commitment to helping military service members attain their educational goals.

Award Description

The award recipient will receive an award including a monetary gift and be recognized at Commencement.


  • Nominees must be members of the current year’s Excelsior University graduating class.
  • Active-duty servicemembers, National Guard members, or Reservists are eligible.
  • Veterans who were on active duty during most of the period of enrollment in Excelsior University are eligible.

Selection Criteria

  • Service to others including voluntary or paid service to others beyond the normal expectations of the nominee’s job. This service may be demonstrated in the military, civilian, or community setting.
  • Commitment to education including the nominee’s commitment to his or her own education, persistence in the face of barriers to education, and the nominee’s commitment to the education of others.
  • Academic achievement within the context of Excelsior University Degrees, awards or scholarships received as well as evidence of further study such as admission to graduate school or earning a higher degree.
  • Professional and personal achievement including any accolades for professional advancement within the military as well as any evidence of exemplary promotion. Community service related awards or work will also be considered.


All nominations and supporting documents must be received by April 5, 2024.

Nomination Process

Servicemembers may be nominated by a military ESO, a commanding officer, a military peer, an Excelsior University staff member, or themselves. Nominations must include:

Letter of nomination to include the following information about the nominee:

  • Name, rank, and military branch
  • Address and telephone numbers
  • Date and type of Excelsior University degree earned or to be earned
  • Military occupation
  • Length of military service
  • Activities or accomplishments related to each of the selection criteria
  • Statement on how the earned Excelsior University degree will help or has helped the nominee
  • Reason for nomination

Letter of recommendation from the nominee’s education service officer or counselor or commanding officer (other than the individual making the nomination).

Send nomination and recommendation letters to: