Course Extension

Course Extension

Excelsior University recognizes that students may encounter circumstances that make it difficult to complete course work within the time frame of a course term. Students are eligible to request a course extension if they have successfully completed a minimum of 50% of the course work and request the extension no less than seven calendar days before the end of the course term.

  • Extensions for an 8-week course should not exceed 30 calendar days from the end of the term.
  • Extensions for a 15-week course should not exceed 60 calendar days from the end of the term.
  • Course extensions and their duration are at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Course extensions for INL 102 Information Literacy prior to Fall 2023 should be submitted to These requests must include an explanation of circumstances and appropriate documentation. These requests will be reviewed at the discretion of the dean/designee of the School of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Course extensions for INL 102 Information Literacy starting Fall 2023 should be requested through the instructor.

Students with two or more “I” grades in Excelsior University courses will not be allowed to register for any additional Excelsior courses. Students with a grade of Incomplete “I” in any courses will not be permitted to graduate until a final letter grade has been received.

To request an extension, students:

  1. Must meet eligibility requirements outlined above.
  2. Students must request a course extension from the instructor by messaging the instructor through the course in Canvas. (Note – Student seeking an extension due to military deployment or training should see information listed below.)
  3. If requested, students must provide documentation to support the circumstances.
  4. If an extension is granted, it is the student’s responsibility to complete all coursework prior to the end date of the course extension or in accordance with due dates outlined by the instructor. Late penalties may apply.

Course Extension Due to Military Deployment/Training

Active-duty military students (including National guard members and reservists) currently registered for one or more courses, can be granted extensions for the number of days deployed/ in training up to a maximum of 45 days for an 8-week and 15-week course if:

  1. The deployment (temporary duty) or training is at least 14 consecutive days or more in duration, and
  2. The request for the course extension is received no later than seven days prior to the term end date.

To request an extension due to military deployment/training, students should notify the University of their intent in writing as soon as possible through the Ombudsperson Office. Students should submit either a copy of their deployment orders or a “signed” verification letter on official letterhead from their Education Service Officer or Commanding Officer certifying the dates and the length of deployment (temporary duty)/training.

Documentation can be sent to the following:

Ombudsperson Office
Excelsior University
7 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203-5159
Fax: 518-464-8777