Admission and Enrollment

Admission and Enrollment

Applicants are admitted to Excelsior University degree and certificate programs when they meet all admissions requirements for the specific program of study. Some degree programs have special criteria for admission. See school catalogs for details.

Admitted students who register for Excelsior course(s) that have a term start date within the next two 8-week terms after the term in which they became admitted, will be considered enrolled in their certificate or degree program when they have successfully remained in at least one of these courses past the cancellation period. Students who fail to register and remain enrolled in their first class by the end of the previously mentioned time frame must reapply to pursue enrollment.

To remain enrolled, students in degree programs or certificates, are expected to maintain continuous enrollment in Excelsior coursework. Students may only take off a maximum of either a) two consecutive 8-week terms or b) one 15-week term from first term of enrollment or reactivation.

As an exception, to remain enrolled, Associate of Science or Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts students are expected to attempt a minimum number of six (6) credits per year. Excelsior credit and/or newly earned transferred from approved sources which applies to students’ programs of study will be applicable to the credit minimum. The capstone the cornerstone, and the information literacy courses are the only required Excelsior courses for the Associates of Science or Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts.

Students who do not meet expectations to remain enrolled will be withdrawn from the program. Students will no longer be expected to maintain the minimum credits per year when they meet the requirements for graduation.

Excelsior students who have been approved for graduation (i.e., Specialist Approved – SA Status) may apply to an undergraduate or graduate program if they meet admissions requirements for that program. After a student with a status of “SA” has been accepted for admissions, the student is considered to be admitted in the new program.