Admission and Enrollment

Admission and Enrollment

Statement of Policy

Admitted Student Status (undergraduate, graduate, certificate):

Applicants are admitted to Excelsior University degree and certificate programs when they meet all admissions requirements for the specific program of study. Admitted student status lapses after 7 months from a student’s admission date, and individuals who fail to enroll within 7 months must reapply to pursue enrollment. See policy 043 Academic Policy Date and Degree Admission policy for academic policy date assignment.

Some degree programs have special criteria for admission See school catalogs for details.

Enrolled Student Status:

Admitted students are enrolled in Excelsior University if they engage in one of the following activities within 7 months of the academic policy date:

1. registered for an Excelsior University course or exam which applies to their program of study,


2. transferred newly earned credit from an approved source which applies to their program of study and is not reflected on the official evaluation.

To satisfy requirements for transfer credit noted in number 2, the credit must have been earned after the academic policy date and within 7 months of the date of admission.

Enrolled Students, in degree programs or certificates, are expected to attempt a minimum number of six (6)credits per year. Excelsior University credit and/or newly earned credit transferred from approved sources which applies to students' programs of study will be applicable to the credit minimum. Students who do not meet this expectation will be withdrawn from the program.

Excelsior University students who have been approved for graduation (i.e. Specialist Approved – SA Status) may apply to an undergraduate or graduate program if they meet admissions requirements for that program. After a student with a status of “SA” has been accepted for admissions, the student is considered to be admitted in the new program.