Enrollment in Multiple Academic Programs

Statement of Policy

Undergraduate students may not be enrolled in two undergraduate degree programs at the same time. Students may, however, be enrolled in an undergraduate degree and an undergraduate certificate program at the same time. However, Students may enroll in another Excelsior College degree once they are Specialist Approved and meet any admissions requirement.

All Excelsior College undergraduate students who have been specially approved (status of “SA”) may apply to a graduate program. Once admitted, they may officially enroll into the graduate program by submitting the Graduate Enrollment and Payment form along with the appropriate Graduate Student Fee. [Exception: MS in Nursing students who don’t meet the usual admission criteria may be provisionally admitted and must certain stipulations as noted in the procedures section of the Enrollment and Matriculation policy.]

Graduate students may be enrolled in a graduate degree program and a graduate or undergraduate certificate program at the same time. However, they cannot be enrolled in two master’s or two certificate programs.