Program Transfer and Degree Change

Statement of Policy

Students who have signed the enrollment agreement or are currently enrolled at Excelsior College may transfer between degree programs if they meet admission requirements for the new program. Students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor prior to requesting a degree transfer. Undergraduate students may transfer degree programs a maximum of five times and graduate students a maximum of three times. Subsequent transfers must be approved by the dean or designee.

Academic Policy Dates and Billing

  1. The enrollment and matriculation date will remain the same if the student is enrolled at the time of transfer.
  2. The Service Expiration date remains the same — no effect on SSAF billing.
  3. The Academic Policy date will change to the date of transfer and students will be required to complete degree requirements in place at the time of transfer.
  4. The academic evaluator will select the appropriate credits to apply to the new degree.