Time Limit for Academic Programs Completion

Statement of Policy

Excelsior College degree programs are designed, within limits, to be completed at a student’s own pace. However, students must make continuous progress toward their academic goals. Students will be academically dismissed if they do not complete their program within the published program time limits. For the purposes of this policy, the time limit for program completion is calculated based on the academic policy date.

Time Limit for Completion of Excelsior College Degree Programs

The time limit to program completion is cumulative for all Excelsior degree programs. If enrollment is not continuous, all previous enrollment will be considered for these time limits.

In the School of Nursing, the time limit to program completion is cumulative between all undergraduate programs and between all graduate programs.

With the exception of the programs listed in the table below, all undergraduate degree program must be completed in seven years and all graduate degree programs must be completed in five years.  All certificates, undergrad and graduate must be completed in two years.

An official leave of absence granted by the Ombudsperson will extend the time limit for up to one year. 

  • Associate in Applied Science, Nursing: 6 years
  • Associate in Science, Nursing: 6 years
  • LPN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing: 6 years
  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing: 6 years
  • RN-MS, Nursing: 10 years
  • Master of Science, Nursing: 6 years
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology: 10 years
  • Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology: 10 years

The time limit to program completion will not reset when the student applies for admission for re-enrollment to the College. Students will have the balance of time remaining to program completion upon each enrollment in the same degree program (i.e., if student withdraws after 3 years in the Associate in Science (Nursing) degree and re-applies after one year, they will have 3 years remaining to complete the program).

Request for Time Limit Extensions

Requests for exception to this policy must be submitted to the school of enrollment, include justification for the exception and be received no less than six months prior to the completion deadline.  Extensions are granted at the discretion of the Dean/designee.