Remembering to Breathe

Have you ever caught yourself holding your breath or not breathing at all? I know this has happened to me before taking an exam or public speaking.  I’ll admit it – it usually happens when I am very nervous… Lately I have been hearing from my students that they utilize free apps that help them relax before an exam in the realm of breathing exercises.  On top of this trend my favorite radio station I listen to every morning encourages its listeners to take one deep breath to start the day off right.  Ask yourself – when was the last time I really inhaled and exhaled?  I am talking about a big bear deep breath.  STOP and take a deep breath in and out right now…INHALE…EXHALE.  Phew…much better right?  You may surprise yourself with how much more relaxed you feel.  Next time you are feeling nervous or notice that you need a break STOP and take a deep breath.