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In response to the emergence of highly technical projects, CompTIA created the Project+ certification, a cross-functional project management credential designed for IT professionals who manage small to medium-sized projects. This 100% online course will teach you the concepts and methodologies covered on the Project+ certification exam. Key topics include managing the project life cycle, managing stakeholders, agile methodology, and deploying and maintaining documentation.

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Job Outlook for Project Managers

  • Data from the Project Management Institute indicates that the demand for skilled project managers will remain strong throughout the 2020’s decade. By 2027, employers will need 87.7 million team members with strong project management skills.
  • According to, CompTIA Project+ certificate holders earn $68,530 per year, on average. CompTIA asserts that experienced managers with Project+ certifications earn an average of $87,416 per year.


The Project+ Certification is designed for managers who work across a variety of functions, managing projects related to IT as well as other domains. The Project+ Certification offers key project management skills that fit within nearly any formal project management framework, including:

  • Managing the project life cycle
  • Ensuring appropriate team and organizational communication
  • Managing resources and stakeholders
  • Maintaining project documentation

Project-specific job titles that apply to the Project+ Certification might include:

  • Project Coordinator/Manager
  • Project Team Member
  • Business Analyst
  • Manager, Director, Team Leader

The CompTIA Project+ Certification exam consists of 95 questions (maximum) that cover the concepts and skills necessary to manage small and medium-sized projects. The exam validates that project managers are able to:

  • Manage the project life cycle from planning to completion
  • Ensure appropriate communication within a project team and across an organization
  • Manage resources, including time, expertise, and financial budgets
  • Manage stakeholders within the project team and across the organization
  • Deploy and maintain documentation for project progress, compliance, and completion

Jobs that involve managing projects are traditionally among the most challenging and diverse in most organizations. In addition, Forbes reports that the project management discipline will be directly impacted by four of the most dynamic trends in the global economy:

  • Artificial intelligence, as project planning and documentation become increasingly data-driven
  • The merger of emotional intelligence (EI) with technological innovations such as AI, blockchain, robotics, and data science
  • Hybrid management models that reflect increases in freelance and independent team members, skills specialists, and software and infrastructure projects
  • The increasing diversity of project team members, locations, and cross-cultural challenges

COMPTIA Project+ Objectives

  • Prepare to take and pass the CompTIA Project+ certification exam
  • Learn project leadership skills that will improve your decisions on any type of project
  • Gain project management skills to effectively prioritize work, anticipate consequences of actions, potential problems, opportunities for change, and set and meet realistic deadlines
  • Utilize the skills required to plan and manage a small-to-medium-size project through to successful completion
  • Understand how to manage the project life cycle, resources and stakeholders, and appropriate communication
  • Identify the basic aspects of the Agile methodology

Prerequisites and Requirements

There are no prerequisites to take the course. However, CompTIA recommends having up to one year of project management experience before taking the Project+ exam. This course is 100% online. Start anytime.


  • Project Team Basics
  • Creating the Project and Work
  • Scheduling a Resources
  • Budgets, Risks, and Communication
  • Change Requests, Project Tools, and Completing the Project


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