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Dean, School of Business & Technology

In January 2017, Lifang Shih, PhD, became the dean of the School of Business & Technology at Excelsior College. She had previously been associate dean, director of program development and assessment, as well as director of online course management. In her new role, Shih is responsible for managing activities of faculty and staff relating to academic policies, course development, student services, learning and instruction, and program growth. Read more

Dean, School of Health Sciences

Barbara Pieper, PhD, RN has been affiliated with Excelsior College for more than 28 years. As a founding faculty member of the School of Health Sciences, Dr. Pieper was instrumental in the development of the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor in Health Care Management degree programs. Read more

Dean, School of Liberal Arts

George Timmons, PhD, serves as dean of the School of Liberal Arts at Excelsior College. In this role, he works with the School’s faculty program directors, academic advisors and staff to facilitate and nurture academic excellence. In addition, he was instrumental in building infrastructure and managing the activities that support the growth and development of Excelsior College’s online education program. Read more

Dean, School of Nursing

Mary Lee Pollard, PhD, RN, CNE is the dean of the School of Nursing at Excelsior College. In this role, she assures that a high quality, affordable and accessible education is provided annually to approximately 21,000 undergraduate and graduate nursing students nationwide. Under her direction, Excelsior’s School of Nursing graduates an average of 1,900 students per year, advancing healthcare throughout the U.S. Dr. Pollard is an expert in competency-based nursing education, and in recognition of her skillful program management has served as a panelist in forums hosted by the Center for American Progress and the Council on Adult and Experiential Learning, and has provided presentations on the topic at national conferences. Read more

Dean, School of Public Service

Robert E. Waters, PhD, serves as dean of the School of Public Service at Excelsior College. In this role, he is the chief academic and administrative officer for the school, representing it college-wide and to external constituents. He is also responsible for the recruitment and retention of a qualified and diverse faculty, as well as, student advisement and activities that support student satisfaction, and success. Read more