Graduation, Licensure, and NCLEX-RN®

RN Licensure Information

State boards of nursing have different requirements for RN licensure and endorsement. You are responsible for determining the legal criteria for licensure in the state where you wish to practice. Graduation from an approved program does not guarantee eligibility for licensure.

Review specific state board requirements for Excelsior University graduates and also contact the state board of nursing in the state where you wish to practice for information about the specific licensure requirements of that state.

Individuals convicted of felonies and misdemeanors may not be eligible for licensure.

Information Regarding Graduation and Preparing for the NCLEX-RN

Once your final degree requirement has been added to your academic record, your file will be sent to the Director of Academic Evaluation to conduct a final check and verification of degree completion. Confirmation of your degree completion will be communicated via email shortly after the final review. It provides information regarding your next steps to graduation and your graduation date will be set. The graduation process can take up to 4-6 weeks.

  • Graduation DateMonitor your status and verify your graduation date.
  • Graduation Fee – This fee is posted on the weekend after your status is updated. Check your student billing account here.
  • Diploma – Your diploma will be mailed to you after your conferral date.
  • Transcripts – Official transcripts can be requested online ( There is a $20 fee for each requested transcript. Transcripts are normally sent within five business days. During peak periods, it may take additional time to process your request. You will have the option to have your transcript request held for inclusion of your degree conferral date if you submit your request prior to your conferral date.

NCLEX-RN® Preparation Review Details

Below are some suggested NCLEX-RN review courses:

State Board Application Process

Find Your State-Specific State Board Application Process