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Alec Whitters

Title: CEO/Co-founder, Higher Learning Technologies
Education: University of Iowa
Photo of Alec Whitters

Alec Whitters is the CEO and co-founder of Higher Learning Technologies (HLT), an organization that develops high-rated, engaging study apps for students. As a third-year dental student at the University of Iowa, he found himself trying to find an effective mobile-learning solution for studying as an alternative to using paper flashcards. When his search turned up nothing, Whitters decided to create a smartphone solution.

Since launching in 2012, HLT has developed 26 apps for smartphones, ranking in the top 100 grossing for education. The apps are used by 90 percent of students in the targeted markets of nursing and dental licensure exam students. Other markets that have been recently launched, including medical, pharmacy, military, and business, are on similar trajectories.