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Bachelor of Science in Business (Logistics Management)

Bachelor's in Business (Logistics Management)

The Bachelor of Science in Business (Logistics Management) program is ideal if you've already earned some college credit and want to work in fields related to global supply chain management.

Whereas operations managers improve the efficiency of facilities, processes, and schedules, logistics managers focus on product procurement, warehousing, inventory, and distribution. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job openings in these areas will continue to increase through 2024. 

This online program allows you to complete your bachelor's in business more quickly by letting you transfer more of your prior credits. It's especially well-suited to military students with career goals related to product acquisition, allocation, and delivery management within government and military agencies.

Earn a business degree that's accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education while benefiting from:

  • More transfer credits
  • 8- and 15-week online courses
  • Personal academic advising
  • Fair tuition, interest-free payment plans, and financial aid
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill and VA education benefits

Obtain the Knowledge You Need for Your Logistics Career

This logistics-focused program includes required coursework in: supply chain management; lean logistics; project management; quality control; and transportation, warehousing, and distribution. You can also elect to take additional courses in purchasing, inventory management, operations management, and quantitative methods.

Upon successful completion, graduate of this program will be able to:

  • Integrate multidimensional methods to solve inventory control, facilities planning, warehousing, and distribution problems.
  • Analyze logistics, supply chain, and project management operations.
  • Prioritize cost reduction, risk, and maximized profits for logistics operations.

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BS in Business Credit Requirements

BS in Business Credit Requirements

120 credits required. 60 in the arts and sciences, 51 in the business component (to include a minimum of 21 at the upper level of which 9 must be in the concentration), and 9 in the additional credit component (to include the 1-credit Information Literacy requirement).

Courses classified as upper level must be junior-senior level (300 - 400) and can be classified as a business core, concentration, and/or business elective course.

Learn more about the credit requirements

Use Excelsior College Exams toward your BS in Business, General Business Concentration degree

Program Competencies

Students completing the Bachelor in Science in Business degree program will have a foundational knowledge of business administration and strategic management, including competency in the following areas:

  1. Economics - Apply micro and macroeconomic concepts and theories to explain the relationship between legal, social, and economic interests of individuals and society.
  2. Accounting - Apply basic accounting concepts and principles to the analysis and interpretation of corporate financial statements.
  3. Marketing - Explain how modern marketing concepts and theories support and influence business strategies.
  4. Finance - Utilize financial management concepts and tools to make informed business decisions.
  5. Management - Apply the major concepts and theories of management and leadership in order to develop business strategies in a real-world context.
  6. Quantitative Analysis - Utilize quantitative research, statistics, and data analysis to analyze business data, support business decisions, and solve problems.
  7. Global - Analyze the opportunities and risks associated with doing business in a global environment.
  8. Ethics - Justify decisions by evaluating the social, ethical, and legal implications for business organizations.
  9. Communication - Effectively communicate business concepts orally and in writing to multiple audiences.
  10. Computer Skills - Utilize business computer applications and information technologies to organize and interpret business data and information.
  11. Teamwork/Cultural Diversity - Work effectively and collaboratively on diverse teams to complete projects on real-world scenarios.
  12. Critical Thinking - Employ critical thinking skills to interpret and analyze competing arguments and perspectives in a business environment.

Review the student learning outcomes

Educational Outcomes

We expect that as an Excelsior College baccalaureate business graduate you will be able to:

  • Apply discipline-specific concepts and methodologies to identify, analyze, and solve business problems. 
  • Demonstrate a desire and commitment to remain current with and adaptive to changing business conditions through continuous learning and self-improvement.
  • Demonstrate independent and critical thinking, function effectively in team-oriented settings, and maintain a high level of performance in a professional business environment.
  • Communicate effectively, orally and in writing, in a professional business environment.
  • Behave ethically and professionally in business and society.
  • Demonstrate and utilize leadership principles in one’s chosen career field.

BSB Logistics Management Concentration Outcomes

Logistics Management Concentration Objectives

As an Excelsior College baccalaureate-level business graduate with a concentration in Logistics Management, you will be able to:

  • Integrate multidimensional methods to solve inventory control, facilities planning, warehousing, and distribution problems.
  • Analyze logistics, supply chain, and project management operations.
  • Prioritize cost reduction, risk, and maximized profits for logistics operations.

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Institutional Accreditation

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Excelsior College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. (267-284-5000). The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

All of Excelsior College's academic programs are registered (i.e., approved) by the New York State Education Department.

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